An Experienced Attorney And Pilot At Your Side

When not representing his fellow Nebraska residents, David J. Koukol of Koukol & Johnson LLC pursues his passion as a pilot with 20 years of experience. On behalf of his fellow aviators, our founding attorney combines dedicated legal advocacy with insight into a highly regulated industry.

Skilled Advocacy That Combines Legal And Aviation Experience

Whether you need help setting up an airplane partnership or corporation or appearing before a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proceeding, legal help is vital. Aviation leases and purchase agreements are complex. Hearings put your future at risk.

You need an aviation law attorney who has been in both a cockpit and a courtroom.

For both new and experienced pilots, the stakes are particularly high when accused of failing to comply with applicable regulations. Suspension or revocation of your license affects your ability to fly legally. If you are a commercial pilot, you face career-ending consequences over alleged violations that include:

  • Issues over medical certification
  • Allegations of falsifying medical applications
  • Accusations of DUI and substance abuse
  • Questions about the airworthiness of your aircraft and/orADIZ or Special Use Airspace incursions and/or Deviations from an IFR flight plan
  • Airplane/aircraft accidents

David J. Koukol also serves as a panel attorney for the members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

Dedicated To Providing A Full Range Of Legal Services For Pilots

Before you consider taking on a complex legal transaction or dispute that could put your aviation future at risk, schedule a consultation at Koukol & Johnson LLC. Email a lawyer at our Omaha-based law office or call 800-561-3551.