Resolving A Divorce Collaboratively And Respectfully

A trial is not the only way to resolve a divorce. In fact, the process can become contentious, requiring a law firm that provides skilled divorce litigation services. While some family law disputes can only be resolved in court, we firmly believe in collaborative divorce as an option.

The lawyers at Koukol & Johnson LLC possess an unwavering commitment to collaborative divorce, including active membership in the Nebraska and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. We want to empower you to settle differences with your spouse in a non adversarial setting.

Take Control Of Your Post-Divorce Future

Prior to starting the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse must agree to a participation agreement stating that you will honestly and openly negotiate in good faith. Both of you must also agree to pursue the best possible settlement for your family without threats of court intervention.

Simply stated, we help you take control of an opposite sex or same sex divorce. Collaboration in developing parenting plans can provide ongoing stability in your life and the lives of your children. Collaborative divorce proceedings can also help you and your spouse find a middle ground in normally contentious matters involving alimony and property and debt division.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of a cooperative divorce is moving on to the next chapter. You are entitled to the confidence that comes with a legal system that worked in everyone's best interests.

Contact Attorneys Committed To Collaboration

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