Making Uncertain Futures More Secure

The family law attorneys at Koukol & Johnson LLC not only focus on your well-being, but also the best interests of your children. We will take on the complexities of child support agreements, bringing experience and professionalism combined with personalized representation.

The end of a relationship creates uncertainty in the lives of your children as one household splits into two. Financial support helps to ease that transition that comes with one parent providing the majority of daily care. However, the amount of financial help should not create undue hardships for either parent.

Dedicated To Fair And Equitable Child Support Agreements

Nebraska Child Support Guidelines set payment amounts for noncustodial parents based on the incomes of both parents. Additional considerations factor into the final agreement, including:

  • Days and overnights spent with each parent
  • Children from a previous marriage receiving support
  • Medical insurance
  • Day care expenses
  • Travel costs

At Koukol & Johnson LLC, we have experience representing parents responsible for child support and those receiving payments. Regardless of which side you are on, we strive to find a fair and equitable solution.

Customized Legal Representation For You And Your Children

We take on the challenges that exist in determining gross monthly income, including commission pay and business ownership. You need an attorney who can customize legal representation based on your unique situation.

Future issues may arise that require us to revisit child support agreements. Health issues, disabilities and job loss may require modifications. If a spouse is in violation of the agreement by missing or refusing to make payments, we can pursue enforcement on your behalf.

The Best Interests Of Your Children Come First

We remain at your side during difficult times. Call a lawyer at our Omaha law office. We can be reached at 800-561-3551 or by email to schedule an initial consultation.