A Focus On The Best Interests Of Your Family

At Koukol & Johnson LLC, we recognize that you may need a skilled trial attorney when disputes cannot be resolved through mediation. However, if you and another party come to us to resolve disputes peacefully, our skilled problem solvers are dedicated to finding resolution with less conflict.

Committed To Peaceful Resolution Of Civil And Business Disputes

Mediation is an increasingly popular method to resolve divorce and commercial disputes. Negotiation allows you to move forward more efficiently and cost-effectively than a trial. We can help you reach an agreement on contested issues more easily and with less acrimony.

Divorce litigation can leave your family fractured and scarred. If you have children, mediation is an alternative that allows you and your spouse to discuss their needs openly. In business disagreements, negotiation encourages collaboration while focusing on the best interests of both sides.

Finding resolution outside of the courtroom allows you to move on with your personal life or career, confident that the legal system has worked in everyone's best interests.

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Our firm is ready to assist you through a difficult time. Contact a lawyer at our Omaha office to explore your options for mediation. Call 800-561-3551 or email us.