Protection For Children And Vulnerable Adults

A family member unable to make responsible financial or personal decisions often requires legal protections that come with guardianships and conservatorships. These important roles represent bonds of trust as they manage the affairs of minors and adults who cannot care for themselves.

Helping You Make Important Decisions To Protect Your Family Member

At Koukol & Johnson LLC, our attorneys are committed to helping the legal system work for you when decisions must be made about the care of a loved one. Fewer responsibilities are more sacred than the protection of minor children and vulnerable adults. You want to ensure that the individual you select can be trusted to focus on their best interests.

  • Guardians are court-appointed to protect family members unable to care for themselves. Guardianships provide them the authority to make housing, medical and educational decisions on behalf of the protected person.
  • Conservators are responsible for making financial decisions for those suffering from illness or disability. Once appointed by the court, they manage the finances of the protected individual.

Appointing a guardian, conservator or someone to serve in both capacities is one of the most emotionally charged aspects of estate planning. The role represents a high level of legal responsibility and a strong bond of personal trust. Simply stated, it represents one of your most important decisions.

While other relatives may dispute your choice, our job is to work with you and your loved ones to put the well-being of a family member first.

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