Maximizing Real Estate Financial And Tax Benefits

Do-it-yourself and online options exist for home buying and selling. While you may think you are saving money by printing and filling out forms, the process is much more complicated. Cost-efficiency is often temporary as legal issues over the title and other matters require the need for legal counsel.

At Koukol & Johnson LLC, we provide a full range of cost-effective real estate services in all phases of real estate transactions from lawyers possessing experience and unique insight.

Protecting Valuable Investments For Real Estate Buyers And Sellers

We represent buyers and sellers in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. On behalf of business property owners, we can draft and negotiate rental leases. Landlords dealing with nonpaying tenants need help with evictions, rent collection and secure possession of the premises.

One of largest challenges in any type of real estate transaction involves title work. Attention to detail is vital to determine the chain of a commercial or residential property's title and related insurance claims.

At our Omaha law office, we have an associate on staff with insight that comes from 10 years of experience in title opinions and litigation.

Additional areas of our comprehensive real estate practice include:

  • Real estate developments and sub-developments
  • City/municipal planning and zoning
  • Board of adjustment proceedings
  • Property tax appeals over valuation

Dedicated To Protecting The Rights Of Creditors

We also represent financial institutions in foreclosure proceedings, specifically claims of notification and other disputes. While the rights of the property owner need protection, the rights of the financial institution that financed the mortgage require an equal level of advocacy.

Contact An Experienced And Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney

At Koukol & Johnson LLC, we will take on all aspects of your real estate transaction, title dispute or foreclosure matter. Contact our Omaha office at 800-561-3551 or fill out our online intake form.